“I just want to write this as my personal experience working with Katelyn Keith. March 21st, 2018, I had my left leg amputated from the knee down. After surgery I needed help building more strength to get more stable on my feet. I was real tippy! I couldn’t even hug someone without losing my balance. I started seeing Katelyn for physical therapy. It didn’t take long to start seeing a big difference. She asked my personal goals, I told her I wanted to go dancing again one day. Before she moved onto her next traveling gig, I was line dancing! I was thrilled!! I can’t say enough about Katelyn Keith. She is my favorite physical therapist to date! I wish I could return to her even now. But geographically, it’s not possible. She is dedicated to making sure her patients are safe and meet their personal goals.” – Shirley M. 

“Julie has been such a wonderful asset to my entire family. I am especially pleased that I gained so much range of motion, improved my strength, and significantly reduced the pain in my shoulder! Her knowledge and understanding of being functional to accomplish the activities of daily living is phenomenal. I appreciate her instructions, which were easy to follow, the exercises that will allow me to maintain my gain, and her sense of humor and communication skills.”  -Mary A.

“Going through a major injury is not only taxing physically, it is emotionally as well. During my ACL recovery, it was easy to feel helpless. Visiting Katelyn every week is the only time I felt normal throughout my recovery. She was the most encouraging and helpful therapist in the whole practice. I was blown away by her knowledge and insight. Not only did I leave that experience stronger than ever, I also gained a friend for life. I highly recommend Katelyn as the best aid to get you back to living your best life.”  – Jess S.

“I started working with Julie after more than two years of trying a variety of treatments to address injuries, specifically a neck injury, caused by a car accident. The injuries were stubborn and I especially experienced chronic pain and decreased mobility in my neck. After just two sessions with Julie, the range of motion in my neck increased significantly and I felt relief from the incessant neck pain. For this type of stubborn injury, it took a more aggressive treatment approach that Julie excels at. It required manual and manual with motion physical therapy methods to finally make a difference in my healing process and provide hope that my neck could still get better. It is difficult to find a PT who practices manual therapy and with the skill, intuition, and knowledge that Julie demonstrates.” -Anna H.

“I want to thank you for everything you did for my daughter after her surgery. Obviously, you helped her with the physical therapy aspect of it – but mentally you helped her even more. I can’t tell you how much she enjoyed coming to see you for her appointments every week. You are the reason she is where she is today. She is stronger than she was before she hurt her knee! Soccer starts in 2 weeks and she is ready to go! Thank you for all your hard work and dedicated care. I will recommend you to any of our friends and family who are in need of PT.” – Linda G.

“I broke my leg in 2017 and had to have three surgeries to fix it, I couldn’t walk for over a year. When I was able to walk again it came with a lot of pain. Subsequently I saw three different physical therapists before I found Julie. At each place, the first thing I would be asked to do were exercises that were painful due to all of my alignment issues after having to be on crutches and a scooter for a year. When I met Julie (who comes to you!!), she would look at my alignment, make adjustments, use traction, and do acupressure to alleviate the pain. THEN when the pain was managed, we started on exercises that would stabilize the problem areas and strengthen these areas to prevent further pain. As I built strength we increased exercises based on MY BODY’S NEEDS, not out of a book. Julie’s methods are more effective than any other therapist I’ve seen, including other PT’s, massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture combined. She prioritizes my care over anything else, she listens, and luckily through our communication we’ve bettered my quality of life 100%. We’ve worked on my leg pain, back pain, neck pain, rib pain, and even my TMJ. It took me four years to find her, I hope you’ve found her sooner. And if you want a real recommendation, I made my boyfriend go to her, scheduled his appointment without his permission and said if you don’t feel better you never have to see her again. He saw her seven times with considerable relief, he does her exercises daily, and he would have loved for me to be wrong.”  -Amberlyn B (forever client) 

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